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Mecanziado de diseños y piezas industriales - genus
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Genus counts with more than 25 years of experience attending the global industry. Our DNA is composed of: Machining, Reverse Engineering, Prototype design,Parts & Spare Parts, and Plastic Injection

About Genus

We make excellent parts & spare parts. Our team delivers with the highest international standards, by using state of the art software on powerful CNCs, operated by skillful workers.

We are known for our excellent aluminum machining, therefore bronze, brass, nylamid or steel, are some materials we master. If you hire us you will get flawless pieces on time, everytime.

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  • Heavy Duty QUADRO
  • Heavy Duty OPTIMA
  • Heavy Duty BASIC
  • Fine Precision
  • Wide Range
  • eviXmatic


GENUS has a strong policy related to the CONFIDENTIALITY of your processes. We are used to working with NDAs and to keeping your designs confidential. As soon as a contract is finalized, the data your company shared with us is destroyed.


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